Sunday, April 20, 2014

Various Ceramic Bottles and Jars - Peru, Nazca Culture, 3rd Century BC to 6th Century CE

The Nazca culture is characterized by its beautiful polychrome pottery, painted with at least 15 distinct colors. The shift from post-fire resin painting to pre-fire slip painting marked the end of Paracas-style pottery and the beginning of Nazca-style pottery. The use of pre-fire slip painting meant that a great deal of experimentation took place in order to know which slips produced certain colors. Major pottery shapes include double-spout bottles, bowls, cups, vases, effigy forms, and mythical creatures. Archaeologists have excavated highly valued polychrome pottery among all classes of Nazca society.
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Seated Figure Bottle

Drum  Bottle 

Drum  Bottle 

 Fish Bottle

 Bridge and Spout Bottle in Bird Form

 Bridge and Spout Vessel with Duck Head

 Double Spout and Bridge Bottle with Bird Demon 

 Double Spout and Bridge Bottle with Birds

 Double Spout and Bridge Bottle with Face

Double spout and bridge bottle

 Double Spout Bottle

 Double Spout Bottle 

 Double Spout Bottle 

 Double-Spout Bottle Guardian


 Monkey Bottle 


"A Girl with a Pipe" by Japanese Artist Torii Kiyonaga - ca. 1785

Medium: Polychrome woodblock print; ink and color on paper