Saturday, May 11, 2013

Color Illustrations from the Book "Arabian Nights' Entertainments" - 1913

The Arabian Nights' Entertainments 
Based on a translation from the Arabic by Edward William Lane
Selected, edited and arranged for young people by Frances Jenkins Olcott 
With Fifteen full-page illustrations by Monro S. Orr

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Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves

As soon as I throw some stones out of my chamber window come out 

Be restored to thy original form

Give me what is my due, that I may go

He placed her behind him, and soared upward into the sky

Immediately a Genie of enormous size rose out of the earth

The Caliph Smiled (

The Magic Carpet 

The Sheikh Abdelsamad 

The old man and the sea

The people fled with their daughters

The smoke collected and became an afrite

There arrived a great sage versed in the wisdom of the philosophers

When we beheld him we were filled with dread and terror 

Who will change old lamps for new ones

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