Saturday, May 11, 2013

The Children of the Wolf by British Sculptor Sir George Frampton in the State Gallery of H.H. the Maharaja Gaekwar of Baroda

Sir George James Frampton, RA (18 June 1860 – 21 May 1928) was a notable British sculptor and leading member of the New Sculpture movement.
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Color Illustrations from the Book "Arabian Nights' Entertainments" - 1913

The Arabian Nights' Entertainments 
Based on a translation from the Arabic by Edward William Lane
Selected, edited and arranged for young people by Frances Jenkins Olcott 
With Fifteen full-page illustrations by Monro S. Orr

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Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves

As soon as I throw some stones out of my chamber window come out 

Be restored to thy original form

Give me what is my due, that I may go

He placed her behind him, and soared upward into the sky

Immediately a Genie of enormous size rose out of the earth

The Caliph Smiled (

The Magic Carpet 

The Sheikh Abdelsamad 

The old man and the sea

The people fled with their daughters

The smoke collected and became an afrite

There arrived a great sage versed in the wisdom of the philosophers

When we beheld him we were filled with dread and terror 

Who will change old lamps for new ones

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Stories from the Arabian Nights with Illustrations by Edmund Dulac - 1907

Writer:  Laurence Housman

 A city among the isles named Deryabar

 Aladdin in the cave

 At so arrogant a claim all the courtiers burst into loud laughter

 Great was the astonishment of the vizier

 Pirouze, the fairest and most honourably born

 Princess Scheherazade, the heroine of the thousand and one nights, ranks among the great storytellers of the world

 Princess badoura

 She gave orders for the banquet to be served

 So strange of from and so brilliant and diverse in hue

 Supposing me asleep they began to talk

 The Rokh

 The damsel upset the pan

 The episode of the old man of the sea

 The final marriage procession

 The lady Bedr-El-Budur

 The lady advanced to meet him

 The princess Deryabar

 Their chief in a low but distinct voice uttered the two words, open sesame

 This way and that she led him blindfold

Till the tale of her mirror contented her

This gorgeous book includes the following stories as retold by Laurence Housman:

Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves;

The Story of the Wicked Half-Brothers;

The Story of the Princess of Deryabar;

The Story of the Magic Horse;

The Fisherman and the Genie;

The Story of the King of the Ebony Isles;

The History of Badoura, Princess of China, and of Camaralzaman, the Island Prince;

Sinbad the Sailor;

The first voyage of Sinbad the Sailor;

The second voyage of Sinbad the Sailor;

The third voyage of Sinbad the Sailor;

The fourth voyage of Sinbad the Sailor;

The fifth voyage of Sinbad the Sailor;

The sixth voyage of Sinbad the Sailor;

The seventh voyage of Sinbad the Sailor; and

Aladdin and the Wonderful Lamp.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Various Portraits of Beautiful Italian Actresss Claudia Cardinale - 1960's

Claudia Cardinale (born 15 April 1938) is an Italian actress, and appeared in some of the most prominent European films of the 1960s and 1970s. The majority of Cardinale's films have been either Italian or French.
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Beautiful and Sensuous Ziegfeld Showgirls - USA, Early 20th Century

Ziegfeld Girls were the chorus girls from Florenz Ziegfeld's theatrical spectaculars known as the Ziegfeld Follies, which were based on the Folies Bergère of Paris. The Ziegfeld Follies were a series of elaborate theatrical productions on Broadway in New York City from 1907 through 1931.

These showgirls followed on the heels of the "Florodora girls", who had started to "loosen the corset" of the Gibson Girl in the early years of the twentieth century. These beauties, of similar size, decked out in Erté designs, gained many young male admirers and they became objects of popular adoration. Many were persuaded to leave the show to marry, some to men of substantial wealth. The Ziegfeld Ball in New York City continued as a social event of the season for years after the last production of the Follies.
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