Sunday, April 1, 2012

Exotic Female Dancers of Late 19th Century America - Part 4

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 Lily Elton

 Loe Fuller

 Lola Yberri

 Lottie Gilson

 Lottie Grant

 Louise Eissing 

 Louise Montague

 Lulu Mortimore (i.e. Lulu Mortimer)

 Mabel Bouton

 Mabel Clark

 Mabel Santley

 Mannine Palmer

 Marie Burroughs

 Marie Halton

 Marie Tempest

 Marie Vanoni

 Marion Manola

 Maude Adams

May Howard

Beautiful Swimsuit Girls (Geisha and Maiko) of Japan - Early 20th Century Handcolored Vintage Photographs

Credit: Okinawa Soba (Flickr Gallery Link)
Source: Gallery Link