Sunday, May 13, 2012

First World War American Posters (1917-1919) - Part 1

A Wonderful Opportunity  For You 
United States Navy

  A Little Amrican's Promise

 An Heroic Sacrifice

The Greatest Crime in Christendom
 Don't Waste Food

 Enlist in the First Replacement Regiment of Engineers

 He Did His Duty
Will You Join for Active Service Land and Sea U.S. Marines

 Keep It Coming 
Waste Nothing

 Make Every Minute 
Count for Pershing

 Our Country Needs Ships

 Our Country is Depending on You 
Emergency Fleet Corporation

 Read the Official Bulletin
War Information

 Remember Belgium
Buy Bonds Fourth Liberty Loan

 Save Food for World Relief

America the hope of all who suffer- the dread of all who wrong
 Save Food

 The Accusing Finger of Conscience

 The Prayer of Millions

 The United States Food Administration Notice

 The World Cannot Live Half Slave Half Free

 They are Giving All Will You Send Them Wheat?

 Uncle Sam's Birthday 1776 July 4
142 Years Young and Going Strong

 We Must Conserve Food to Keep the Wolf from Our Own Door

 Where the victims are 
save the survivors

Your Sugar Ration is 2lbs. per month

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Christina said...

A fascinating collection! Thank you for posting these!
Oh!! The poor Kaiser such a victim of propaganda..."While Germany dreams of dominating the world by force, there can be no peace..." Ironic, since Germany wasn't seeking more territory...and considering Wilson's domination at the Treaty of Versailles ;-)