Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Second World War American Posters - Part 2

 Fly with the marines

 I Want You for the U.S. Army 
Enlist Now

 Save lives save planes Keep 'em flying

 U.S Savings Bonds
We are saving through payroll savings

 Wanted 13 Billion fighting Dollars for our fighting men

 Wanted by your Government

 Wanted now 10,000 men and women 
to be given free training for war industry

 War bonds sold here

 War Bonds

 Buy U.S. War savings bonds and stamps

 Warning - Our homes are in danger now

 We are fighting the Axis not each other

 We can't all go...but we can all help! Put at least 10% of your pay in War Bonds. Sign the card today

 We caught hell! someone must have talked
Silence means security

 We federal employees are buying 90 flying fortresses...

 We have money

 We made it! How about you?

 We must win this war because - 
Dictatorship destroys private business and industry, chains workers, lowers wages and crushes all personal liberty

 We pledged it - we'll beat it!

 We soldiers of supply pledge that our fighting men shall not want!

 We the peoples of the United Nations
determined to save suceeding generations from the scurge of war...

We will have to fight our way ashore
you're building victory here today

Source: Wikimedia Commons