Thursday, December 22, 2011

Postcards of Beautiful Edwardian Children - Early 20th Century

Young girl praying to God

Edwardian Girls in Lace Caps Playing a Game

Edwardian Girl with a Doll

Edwardian Girls with puppie Dog

Girls with Christmas Angels

Cute Edwardian Fashion Girl with Little Dandy

Edwardian Girl with her Trimmed Dog

Cute Girls with Canon Toy Horse and toys 

Edwardian family with Children

Edwardian Girls with doll and Toy Boat 

Edwardian Girls with pull doll

Edwardian Girl with her Dolls

 Two Wrestling Edeardian Girls

Beautiful Edwardian Girl in lace dress

Christmas angel with Xmas Tree 

Cute Edwardian Fashion Girl with Little dandy

Edwardian Girl by Wheel Barrow

Edwardian Girl with her Angels

 Edwardian Girl with Trimmed Pig

Gypsy Edwardian Mignon Girl

Edwardian Boy and Girl with Guardian Angel

Edwardian Girl with Teddy Bear and Santa Claus

Pretty curly Edwardian Girl 

Pretty Edwardian Christmas Girl with flowers

Pretty Edwardian Christmas Girl with flowers and a big Boot

Pretty Edwardian Christmas Girl with flower

Source: ebay

Gypsy Lady with Tambourin - Vintage Post Card 1910's

Source: ebay

Beautiful Woman in Geisha Dress

Source: ebay

Pola Negri And Edmund Lowe in the Movie East of Suez - 1925

Source: ebay

Two Pairs of Twin Girls - Vintage Photograph 1930's

Source: ebay

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Marilyn Monroe Outdoor Photoshoot 1950 - Part 3

Photographer : Edward Clark
Source: Life Archive hosted by Google