Thursday, October 27, 2011

Second World War American Posters - Part 1

 V..._ Wearing different uniforms but we all have the same BIG JOB
Let's go, everybody keep'em firing!

 Give to your war fund
For Our Own - 
For Our Allies

 Grace Line - War service today... with faith in a greater tomorrow!

 We are ready what about you? joint the schools at war program

 Want a second front - Then build the fighting ships! Ships mean victory

 Walk Facing Traffic... Where there are no sidewalks

Wanted fighting dollars, make every pay-day bond-day
United States Defence Bonds Stamps

 Wanted more Navy nurses. Be a commissioned officer in the U.S. Navy

 War against fires of war with the fire guard

 War bonds are cheaper than wooden crosses

 War don't waste time

 We are building this dam to make the power...

 We are cooperating with the 15000000 women who are keeping the home front pledge

 We are helping with Salvage

 We are now in this war! We are all in it all the way

 We are now in this war! We are all in it all the way

 We can't win with blue prints, every minute counts! 

 We shall not let him down
Work! to keep 'em firing!

 We shall win or we shall die

We are helping to stamp out Syphilis

Source: Wikimedia Commons

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